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Blessing 3 EA Review

Blessing 3 is one of the numerous products that J Talon LLC has developed for automated Forex trading. Ratz Trap, Evolution, Hedge the Hedge are just three of their Expert Advisors. However, Blessing 3 proved to be their most successful robot.

Update (2017): Do not use this EA. We got complaints that it is no longer supported. Traders lost a lot of money. If you really want to try this robot, use a Demo account. We encourage you to check our other forex robots.

Blessing 3 is a grid trading system. This means that the system has the ability to place buy and sell orders depending on the equal intervals that are set within a predefined base price.

This allows trading automation, but the risks could be high when you have not defined a safe stop-loss limit, or when you are trading in multiple positions within a large grid.

Purchase the EA and any Set Files from the J Talon Official Website to make sure that you get a genuine copy.

Customer Reviews

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A fairly good EA, 26.58% in 3 years


I use Blessing 3.9.6 on AUDNZD 5M only, using one of the free sets that is on the website. So far earned 26.58% in 3 years, so I'm satisfied. No need to go crazy with grids and lot sizes, using 0.01 lots for each $5200 in the account.

Tried the demo


This robot did not make any predictions well for me. I do not recommend this. Be careful if you actually spend money on this, because they do not offer any refunds.

Scam Alert


I was trading with Blessing 3 on my MT4 account which had about $1500 in it. The Expert Adviser swept away my entire account, and now I only have $23 in it. This is an embarrassment on the part of JTA to mislead all traders with such a bad EA. Now they are not able to even offer a refund for half of my lost money.

I would like to warn everyone not to trust Blessing 3 or JTA on their software and products. They have the worst trading robots that were ever produced.

Don't Buy


This EA is terrible. The user interface is the worst. The options are limited. And even when you do set it up correctly, you will see that it does not work half the time.

I lost $200 with this robot. I never won any trades.

Definitely not worth the money.

Read the manual first


I’m a beginner when it comes to trading. My biggest mistake was not reading the manual before putting my money out there. I invested $750 and lost everything. I didn’t know that the best way to maximize your profit with Blessing 3 is to use the MT4 platform.

I researched again and studied the manual, now I’m ready to trade live again.

Blessing 3 EA rated 3.5/5 based on 29 reviews.


I got my Blessing 3 for free but J Talon has published a PRO version that you can use for $9.95 per month. It’s pretty cheap compared to other EAs out there, and considering the performance of this robot, I can say that you’re not losing anything by trying it out.

Because of the effectiveness of Blessing 3, there are individuals out there who give gifts and donations to the developer of the software.

Get it from the J Talon Official Website.


J Talon LLC has been very alert to problems encountered when Blessing 3 came out in 2010. They have set up a forum thread where they can be contacted when problems arise or when traders have great ideas to make the software better. J Talon proved to be open to criticisms and are ready to make changes to the software.

The software also comes with a well-written manual, which I recommend printing and making notes on.

My Encounter with Blessing 3

Demo and Live Accounts

After downloading the Blessing 3 from the site, I performed a backtest using $JPY. I chose hourly trading with the default setting and the results are very impressive. Blessing 3 proved to have higher profit and lower drawdown compared to the others that I used in the past.

With this EA, you have to manually tweak the settings for better profit.

After a few weeks, I increased my trade and tried testing $5,000 to run on a 10-cent pip. Note that the minimum recommended requirement to maximize your profits with Blessing 3 is $10,000 on a 10-cent pip. However, I performed this test just to see how the software can adjust.

After a full day of trading, I am actually impressed when I found out that Blessing 3 can survive the trade that I set. I recommend trading with 0.02 lots if you’re running a 10-cent pip trade.

When trading on different pairs, I learned that you have to set the AutoCal to true so the EA can adapt to the range of the pair you are trading with.

If you want to try Blessing 3’s 4% DD backtest, you have to follow the exact settings on the site and have a dedicated tester. I was able to duplicate it that way.


I found that you cannot trade with certain brokers (like FXOpen and AlpariUK) in the demo if you do not check your settings. So it is important to always double check the first line of MT4 Page to see if it is enabled. You can do this by pressing F7 > Common.

It is also important to pair your brokers well. For example, on one of my trades, I paired Blessing’s AlpariUk and GoMarkets. My stats are as follows:

  • Net Profit: $4000.47 – $4082
  • Profit Factor: 6.30 – 5.96
  • Maximum Drawdown: 4.04% – 4.20%
  • Total Number of Trades: 401 – 399

Blessing 3 compared to FapTurbo

FapTurbo has been receiving a lot of criticisms for trading well in the demo account while having a very different result in live accounts. This is because it is designed to depend on the current market trend by the time you start trading. What they capture during that time will be used for the entire time you are trading – this means that FapTurbo does not adjust in real time.

I noticed that this issue is not present while trading with Blessing 3, no matter if it’s a backtest or on a live account. In fact, all of my live trades are almost identical to the backtests that I perform.


So far, Blessing 3 has proven to be a great EA that even starters can take advantage of. It’s free, but the fact that many traders are willing to pay for it proves that this robot is very helpful when trading.

Because this robot is not fully automated, I needed to read the manual first. You may have heard a lot of good reviews about this software, but don’t get too excited. Join the forums, and find out how the others have customized their settings to come up with the one that has a low-risk trading.

As you may have understood from my previous statements, I like Blessing 3 better than FapTurbo. There is an option to use other people’s files, but don’t do this often especially on the live account without running a series of backtests. You have to find the settings that work for you. Also, it helps to try different time periods.

If you understand how Blessing 3 works, it can really help you while trading manually.

Older Reviews

The more recent user reviews were posted above.

Surprising performance


I’ve been using other EA’s that came out in the past. I can say that Blessing 3 is the best. I’ve also used other versions of Blessing, and I can assure you that you will be surprised with its performance, comparing with other EAs that I’ve tried.

I feel like there’s no chance of blowing your account with Blessing. Unlike the others, you can configure Blessing anyway you want without worrying about the accuracy of this tool. However, I still recommend playing safe as it’s still Forex trading.

Manual is very helpful


Reading the manual before trading live is very important. This is because there are many ways to tweak the software. In fact, I did a month of tons of backtesting that my hard drive broke. No problem there, though because through testing, I learned a lot about the perfect settings for Blessing 3, and how it trades.

Find the settings that work for you first before trading live. You’ll thank me later.

4K Profit for one month


I’m so happy with this EA! I started running on a live account during the first week of the month and in the 30th, I already gained $4,000 profit in the GBPJPY. It sure was a rollercoaster, but in the end, I still won the trade. I recommend Blessing 3 and I’ll continue using it.

Seems too good to be true


The backtests shown on their website seemed too good to be true. What EA will have a DD of only 4%? Because the software is free, I downloaded it and ran a series of backtests after carefully reading the manual. I was so surprised about how flexible this EA is.

I started running 3 different backtests with this software to test different settings and when you read the manual, they’re pretty easy to configure. You can also understand why sometimes it would give you a negative result. It’s all in the manual.

They did not fail me when I ran it live. My DD is still low at 9% and it’s still impressive comparing to EAs that cost hundreds.

Used the recommended settings


I am a first time trader so I have no idea how to set this robot. Good thing they are very active in the forums, and the software comes with a manual that’s fairly easy to understand if you put your heart in it. I also did some research on the Internet because some of the terminologies are new to me.

Anyway, I started doing a backtest using their recommended settings, and I was surprised that my DD is close to the one posted on their site. As per the others’ advice, I did more backtesting, slowly changing some of the settings and at day 15, I realized that I have the setting that fits me. Of course, I still followed the ones mentioned on their manual and based my settings on it.

It’s unbelievable that they are offering this software for free, because I would be willing to pay for it.

Didn’t work for me


I don’t get why many traders love this EA so much. I have been trying their different versions for years now, but I still can’t duplicate the backtest results on their site. I’m also always losing, and I don’t know if it’s just me or the EA is not for me. Maybe there’s something I don’t understand about it?

You have to learn about it first


Blessing 3 is truly a blessing. If you are a new trader, though, you can’t expect this robot to win for you. You have to learn at least the basics to trading, that is why it comes with a manual. We have to thank the developers for providing us with an awesome EA that really works. As for the traders, we have to do our part in order to win with this software. I’ve been trading with it for a few months now, and so far, the results a great - of course with the right settings.

I’m testing Blessing’s flexibility


Blessing looks great on the demo account. The results were so overwhelming that I started testing 8 different pairs to see when it will blow up. So far, I’m still surviving and believe it or not, my profit is already at 40%.

I left the backtests with the default setting, with $5,000 and it’s trading every 15 minutes. I’ve just been trading for less than a week, and hopefully the positive results will last.

Today, I started live trading with 3 pairs and the settings suggested in the manual, and so far I’ve gotten 6% profit.

Not a fully automated EA


I know some of the EA’s out there boast a fully automated trading. Blessing 3 is very different and you need to study the software first before trading. This proves that making a profit from fully automated robots does not assure a long-term success.

You have to understand how each setting works, or else your trade will be messed up making you lose it. You also have to learn how to manage your money well. A new trader that puts in a huge amount of money will be disappointed, especially if you haven’t been trading long enough.

Updated: October 2, 2018 — 9:20 am
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