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Fibo Machine Pro is a brand new program that launched in April, 2016. Like other Forex tools out there, their sales page and reviews seem very promising. Don’t confuse it with other robots. Fibo Machine Pro is not a robot or an EA that will trade for you. This is a Forex Indicator that runs on the MT4 platform and will let you know the best times to buy or sell.

One of the best features of the software is the ability to work on all Forex pairs, and you can start using it with a capital as little as $100, although it would be better to have at least $250.

Official Website

Be sure to buy the Fibo Machine Pro Indicator System only from the Official Website. Other resellers may not offer the complete money-back guarantee, so make sure you use the secure link above.

Customer Reviews

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Very Intelligent Tool


I love how advanced this Indicator is. For the past few months, I’ve only EA, and I’m obviously new to this but Fibo Machine Pro guided me on when to buy or sell. I used to sell my pairs when I feel nervous about the current market. Now I don’t have to guess when the best time to sell is, because this tool tells you exactly what to look forward to.

Needs Learning Curve


Sales page states that traders don’t have to have experience, and there’s no learning curve required to be successful with the product. I’m giving three stars for easy and fast download and installation. There’s also a guide with the download. However, I just realized that the charts need to be learned.

I guess this is just a newbie problem, but there are lots of good reviews out there. I might just have to keep learning.

Reliable and Accurate


This software lets me “watch” the trends beyond what a normal human can. I mean, it can read the charts simultaneously and give me the latest updates. This lets me leave it on and do my thing without worries. I also get notifications through email, which is helpful for when I’m working around the house but still want to trade at the best times.

I disagree with other claims, though. Others will tell you that you can make money the same day, but don’t get too excited. While Fibo Machine Pro does the hard part of trading, you still need to do the final decisions, and if you’re not smart enough, you could still lose and end up blaming the software.

Can’t Use the Software


I was so excited to use the software because apparently, it is the best selling Fibonacci Indicator we have today. The thing is, I can’t use it because all the profit levels open at midnight. I can’t also figure out how to change the time for these levels to be available when I want them to - not mentioned in the guide as well.

I’m so frustrated I just want to start trading with it.

Use the First 60 Days to Test the Whole System


I don’t recommend running Fibo Machine Pro on a real account just after purchase. You still have to get the feel of the Indicator. Old traders may be confident enough not to use the demo account but for those who are cautious, use the refund period (60 days) on a demo for testing until you are satisfied with your profits.

As for me, I did not need to ask for a refund because the Indicator gave me more profit than I had before.

Fibo Machine Pro Review rated 3.7/5 based on 21 reviews.

Trading Process

Automated Trading ScreenshotTake note that this machine will let you do a manual trade – very different from what EAs offer. Fibo Machine Pro uses the Fibonacci sequence as a formula to predict your profits when you decide to buy or sell. I find this very useful because the Indicator displays my maximum profit on the my chart.

I like that the user interface is very simple. It shows exactly what information you need to trade successfully. Recently, the software has been upgraded with a V2.0 Informer that lets traders win more. This new feature lets you know about: the entry level, current pair, three different take profit levels, time until next candle, and a few more important information.

Fibo Machine Pro is also newbie-friendly. It is designed to show exactly what you’ll get when you trade. For example, its signals do not change – that means you don’t have to guess about your profit when you do an action.

What I like most about this Indicator is its flexibility. It allows traders to control when to trade, to set price levels, and to stop actions from taking place depending on the situation.

The 3-Profit Levels

Before using the software, I got to choose which profit level I’m going to use for trading. This feature lets you decide on how much loss or profit you can risk.

I chose Safe Take Profit first on a demo account. This profit level is perfect for newbies because it is the safest of all. Also, you can control your trades more.

The second level is called Medium Take Profit. I recommend using this if you’ve won consistently on the first level. It allowed me to have quite a safe trade while making a decent profit.

Aggressive Take Profit is the third level. When you’re confident enough to take risks, this is the fastest way to make huge profits.  However, you must understand that this will also put you in the position where you might lose a huge chunk of your capital.

Benefits of Signal Trading

Fibo Machine Pro is like a good assistant that will let you know when to act (buy or sell a currency pair) whenever there are price changes. It will also help you analyze how the market moves.

This indicator will save you long hours of sitting in front of your computer watching how the prices move. The machine features a stealth trailing mode. This will allow you to work fast without letting the broker know. All you have to do is configure the settings, do a few minutes of trading in a day, and leave to run some errands or spend more time with your family.

How to Maximize Your Profits Using Fibo Machine Pro

As a trader, I make it a point to stay updated on current market. This helps me decide whether I have to acquire or sell. The easiest way I do this is by watching the Japan candlestick charts. A few of the indicators that you can use to do this includes Doji or Firing Star. When you get used to doing this, I can assure you that you will benefit greatly while trading in the future.

You must also be keen at observing price movements throughout the day. When you do this, you will start to notice that there are particular times when the prices are low, or significantly high. Basing your decision from the Japan candlestick charts and price movements, you will surely make huge profits.

Most importantly, always make sure that you are updated with the current news, and know how it can affect the prices. There will be times when the Fibonacci Indicator is not updated, so don’t rely much to it.

This seems simple, but knowing exactly how the prices move and how to react to different market conditions  takes time.


  • Fibo Machine Pro was developed by a team of software engineers with 30 years of experience in forex trading. They have also been launching Forex trading tools for decades.
  • This indicator improves the trading strategy of home-based traders by eliminating risks such as broker intervention risk and latency risk.
  • Fibo Machine is designed with proven trading strategy that features grid trading.
  • As it is a software, it is not influenced by emotions, thus having the ability to reflect accurate results.
  • The most effective set-and-forget forex tool that is proven to provide long-term profit.


  • You must have a stable 24/7 Internet connection to maximize the benefits of Fibo Machine Pro.
  • For newbies, you must allow the default settings to guide you while you learn the how to software works.


So far, my experience with Fibo Machine Pro is great. For starters, I always recommend going at it slowly to reap the benefits of having a good Indicator.

I also recommend using the software on a demo account first, especially if you are a new trader. This will allow you to familiarize the software before trading live.

More Reviews

The below reviews are more outdated. Recent user reviews were posted above.

Doesn’t Work Like It Should


I am not impressed with this software. It gives false predictions even when following the current news and events. It is also very slow when I wanted to change the predicted trade to make an actual trade. I have lost some money with Fibo Machine Pro, but I’m giving three stars for the refund.


Updated: October 2, 2018 — 9:20 am
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