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Trader Group’s focus is about creating more transparency and honesty in the financial industry. We understand that not all financial institutions and services provide the most honest and correct information to the customers. In fact, many businesses out there do not have the consumers’ best interests at heart. As students entering professional life, we want […]

Chase Money Order

A money order is a paper document used to make pre-specified payments. It is a prepaid payment order with a trusted payment method. Hence, it is considered as a safe and guaranteed form of payment. JPMorgan Chase Bank, most commonly referred to as Chase Bank, is a well-known leading financial institution in the world. It […]

Where does Lottery Money come from?

Lottery money mainly comes from the people who buy lottery tickets. As people participate in a lottery, the prize money gets larger. Other countries and organizations that start lotteries have other means and sources of lottery money. A secondary source of lottery money is bond interests. When a winner opted for annual payments for his […]

What is Human Welfare?

The word welfare is defined as health, prosperity, and/or happiness of an individual or group of people. And it is generally regarded as a way of fulfilling and measuring the minimal level of social support for people who lack the means to achieve the standards of living set in the society they are in. Human […]

Is TurboTax Legit?

Yes. Turbo Tax is a legit American income tax preparation software package. It is the most popular and widely used tax software in the country. Many consumers use it since several years to file their annual tax returns. The free version of Turbo Tax does not take any portion of your return. You do not […]

My Money Monitor Reviews

MyMoneyMonitor claim that they are a group of licensed private investigators to search for properties that the rightful owners may not even be aware they have. This group promises to give back what’s yours, and they claim that they’ve been doing this for over ten years now. Customer Reviews Below are reviews entered by people […]

What is a Double Mortgage?

A double mortgage is often referred to as “second mortgage” or HELOC (Home Equity Lines of Credit). This is an instance that lets you take another loan based on the value of your home. Residential real estates are assets that gain value over time. When you avail of a double mortgage, this is a way […]

Bank of America Temporary Checks

Temporary checks are also referred to as “counter checks” or “starter checks“. These checks are provided by the bank while they are processing the customized checks for an account holder. They are quick blank checks for temporary use. This type of check does not have the information of the account holder – like the address, […]

Business Day Length

Business days are Mondays through Fridays except for Federal holidays. Saturdays and Sundays are not business days. This is true for America (USA and Canada), Europe, and Australia. Most other countries around the world also follow these guidelines. How Long is a Business Day? A normal business day lasts for 8 hours. This does not […]

DDA Charges

DDA is a term usually used in finance that is an abbreviation for “Demand Deposit Account”. This is a type of a checking account where the account holder can withdraw their funds “on demand”, or anytime. Oftentimes, employers like to use these types of accounts to deposit their employees’ salary. DDA Debit Charge In this […]

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