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Bank of America Temporary Checks

Temporary checks are also referred to as “counter checks” or “starter checks“. These checks are provided by the bank while they are processing the customized checks for an account holder. They are quick blank checks for temporary use.

This type of check does not have the information of the account holder – like the address, business name, or even the account number. Because of this reason, the check holder must write all of this important information for the check to be a valid payment.

Does Bank of America issue Temporary Checks?

Bank of America LogoTemporary checks are provided when you open your bank account. After that, you will have to order your custom checks with all your details available on the print. Note that you will have to pay a small amount for this.

Also, Bank of America can only issue one temporary check that you can use until your custom checks are sent to you. For more information, read the BofA FAQ.

Writing a Temporary Check

As mentioned above, temporary checks do not have your information. Learn how to write a temporary check that can be accepted as a valid payment:

  • Find out what important information is not in the check: The information that is provided in temporary checks is different depending on which bank it came from. Normally, however, your business name and account number are not present in the check.

How to determine which information is missing:

Check the upper left corner and bottom right of the check. The upper left corner is where
Your business name and address should go. The bottom right should have your checking account number.

  • Provide the missing information: It is important to do this carefully. If you are writing the information manually, use a black ink and write clearly. Some choose to scan the check, type the information using a word processor, and then print the check.
  • Fill out the check as you would normally do: Don’t forget to add the date and the amount you are to pay. The check will also have a “Memo” where you can specify the reason for your payment. Finally, sign the check as usual.

Temporary checks are helpful when you need to pay for something urgently, and the bank is not able to provide the custom check. However, it’s nice to always provide an alternative payment method because some businesses are hesitant to accept this form of payment for the reason that temporary checks are easily forged.

BofA is a trustworthy bank and provides various options to order checks. We will soon review the best banks in the United States on our homepage.

Temporary checks from the Bank of America

Updated: April 19, 2017 — 2:27 am

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  1. I just ordered checks. Can I stop by Bank of America and get a few checks until they come?

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