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MyMoneyMonitor claim that they are a group of licensed private investigators to search for properties that the rightful owners may not even be aware they have. This group promises to give back what’s yours, and they claim that they’ve been doing this for over ten years now.

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Slow Processing Time


This company also sent me a letter informing me about an unclaimed fund in Ohio.

I sent them a complete paperwork hoping that I would hear back from them after 90 days because they told me it takes 90 days to process my documents. I called them to follow up, but they said it could go longer. I kept calling them for an update, but they wouldn’t give me a clear answer regarding the fund. I contacted the state of Ohio, and I learned that they received my documents six months after I sent them to My Money Monitor.

It’s almost a year now, but I still haven’t received any funds.

Go get your money yourself


Now that you got the letter, you know you have money. They just did your work for you! As long as you don't respond to the letter they sent you, you don't owe them a dime. Just go to the state's unclaimed funds site, and you'll see your money then send what they require and voila!!!

These guys spend like 15 minutes to find your money. The same time it takes you. Legal, but a total scam of unsuspecting people who don't know how to get THEIR OWN MONEY. Avoid or pay 10-20%, and they have every right to bill you and collect and screw up your credit if you don't pay. That's their hook!

Can I give ZERO STARS?

Contact Your Previous State Directly


I received a letter from MMM telling me that they can process an unclaimed fund if I pay them 10% of the total amount I am going to receive.

I was skeptical, so I did some researching. Most of the information I got from my research told me that this company is not a scam. Still, I didn’t want to risk anything. In a forum, someone told me to access the Texas Comptroller website. I did just that and I was able to claim my money.

Not A Scam but Not Necessary to Claim Money Either


I was contacted by My Money Monitor through a letter. I threw it in the trash, but I was so curious that I did some Googling. I was surprised to learn that they are legit but just take a percentage of your money as a fee. I went to Texas to claim the fund myself. I found out that my bank is owing me a decent amount of money. I filled out forms, and now the fund is on its way.

It’s a Scam


I’m banging my head every time I think about how this company scammed me off my money. It’s been four years since I let them process my request for the funds that the state owes me, but I never received it. Worse, the fee is sitting on my credit card record!

MyMoneyMonitor rated 1.8/5 based on 24 reviews.

My Experience With My Money Monitor

MyMoneyMonitor Website ScreenshotIt was in 2014 when I received a letter from this company stating that I have an unclaimed fund from the previous state that I lived in. I ignored the letter thinking that someone is trying to scam me.

Weeks later, I bought a book that I thought could help me solve my financial crisis. This book told me about unclaimed money, so I went to the municipalities that I have resided in and started claiming my funds.

Please note that the book urged me to start collecting money that I did not know I had. Out of the blue, My Money Monitor began to run after me, insisting that they were the ones who informed me about the funds. They wanted me to give them 10% of the fund as a “discovery fee”. I cannot believe that the company reported this and now I have the bill listed on my credit card.

Lessons Learned

I don’t want anyone else to be in the same situation that I’m in now. One advice I can tell you is go straight to the United States that you have previously resided in and start inquiring about unclaimed funds.

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It’s Not Worth It


It’s true that some states let private investigators process unclaimed funds. In Florida, these agencies would ask for a 20% processing fee. I was told that I have $350 unclaimed fund and that they will send me $280. It is relatively easy to process an unclaimed fund, but if you want someone else to do it for you, then you can safely assume that companies like My Money Monitor are not a scam.

I’m Not Willing to Take the Risk


My Money Monitor has sent me a mail with all my personal information listed in the paper. To claim my money, they want me to send more identification documents. I am concerned about other people who believe in this and send their documents to the company. I contacted the company to please remove me in their mailing list because identity theft is common nowadays.

My Money Monitor is Threatening Me


This company contacted me about an unclaimed fund that I have because of the death of my father.

They requested some documents that prove my identity and that I am actually related to my Dad, and that he’s deceased. I sent them what they asked but never heard back.

Months later, a lady started calling me asking for the money that I owe the company (the fee for processing my fund). I didn’t think I should be paying them since I haven’t received my funds yet. Now they are threatening me because of not paying them back.

My Money Monitor is Legit


This company is only asking for a fee because of the time and effort they spend searching for people with unclaimed funds and then notifying them about it. Most people are not aware that they have money sitting somewhere, and some do not have the ability to do research on how to claim these funds.

Updated: May 15, 2017 — 11:44 pm
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