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What is Money made out of?

Every country makes its money slightly differently. There are 2 main types of banknote bills: Paper banknotes: used in the United States and most countries around the world. Plastic (polymer) banknotes: used in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Romania, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Cape Verde, Nicaragua, Chile, Trinidad, Maldives, Nepal, and Brunei. Paper Banknotes Paper […]

Why Frankfurt

*Article archived from Frankfurt Main Finance on December 4, 2015. The silhouette of Frankfurt, with its skyscrapers and gleaming steel and glass facades in the country, is unique: no wonder the city is home to the European Central Bank and leading German financial institutions. Frankfurt has a lot of advantages: the densest banking network in […]

Summary of Janet Kodras

* Article archived from the Cornell University website on September 4, 2014 Kodras, Janet. 1997. “Restructuring the State: Devolution, Privatization, and the Geographic Redistribution of Power and Capacity in Governance.” Pp. 79-96 in State Devolution in America: Implications for a Diverse Society. Ed. Lynn Staeheli, Janet Kodras, and Colin Flint. Urban Affairs Annual Reviews 48. […]

Asia Menor (Anatolia) III. Historia Antigua.

*Archivado desde Enciclopedia GER 2 de marzo de 2012 La costa occidental de A. M. fue habitada por los griegos desde el segundo milenio antes de Cristo (v. AQUEOS; DORIOS). 1. La costa: Jonia.    Durante el s. VIII a. C. algunas ciudades de Jonia (v.), como Mileto (v.), intervinieron activamente en la colonización griega del […]

Review: The Book of Jokes by Momus

This entry was archived from Dossier Journal and was written by Adam Novy, originally posted on June 21, 2009 at 1:29am. At the unimagined crossroads of Truly Tasteless Jokes and 1,001 Arabian Nights stands The Book of Jokes, by the Scottish songwriter Nick Currie, who goes by the pen-name “Momus.” The main speaker of The Book […]

WinCapita Investigation

*Article archived from on June 30, 2016. Originally published on August 13, 2008. Over 700 criminal complaints on WinCapita – Finnish police At the initial stage of the pre-trial investigation concerning the investment club WinCapita (former WinClub), the police focus on the money transactions and members of the club as well as the real […]

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